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Evolution:Wake was the followup to Scrubs of the South. With sales worldwide and the press Scrubs got from DV Magazine winning Best Cinematography I wanted to do one more Wakeboard Film and continue my one man production crew.

E:W Cont.

Evolution:Wake was a great project and I feel it topped Scrubs in quality. With sponsors like Chevy Trucks, Mastercraft boats, and Bowflex we traveled the country and had a blast.


Swispro started with a Wakeboard movie. I was already in video and I was a wakeboarder so why don't I make an Action Wakeboard Film. What I didn't expect is all the support and distribution it received. The film was "Scrubs of the South" where I took regional wakeboarders from the Southern United States and introduced them to the world. This year marks the 15th Anniversary of "Scrubs" so I remastered this trailer to HD quality. Enjoy!!


Scrubs sold in over 60 different Countries and caught the attention of DV Magazine. The film won Best Cinematography at DV Magazines; DV Expo in New York City.